Our Team


We believe in the philosophy of offering top quality products, superb service and competitive pricing.

We focus on the creation and production of value-added products: new market idea’s and maximized profit opportunities for our customers – national and international customers as well as prime vendors supplying our US Military forces.

We aim for long term partnerships with our customers and work towards making their success, our success.


Over the past 22 years, JoAnne has assembled a team that has managed the high quality standards and growth of the company, many of them trusted family members.

JoAnne is the President and CEO of Spartanburg Meat Processing, so she has a keen understanding of the relationship people have with food.

“Food is not just about survival. It can be a reward, an escape, a time to lose ourselves in taste, texture and pleasing our senses.”

Though she grew up in Vermont, JoAnne relocated to South Carolina in 1999. In addition to running a successful business of her own, JoAnne is involved with several organizations that support and encourage women in business. In 2019, she was recognized with a Trailblazer Award by the Greater Women’s Business Council. Having studied at the Darden School of Business, Protocol School of Washington and the Harvard Business School, JoAnne is a valuable resource, leader and mentor to many women who share her entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Team